Compare CloudCoin™ vs Bitcoin®
Underlying TechnologyCrypto Currency / CryptographyCloud Currency / RAIDA
Spending SpeedSpending takes 10 minutes or more to update public ledger.Takes milliseconds to check authenticity
TheftCan be stolen100% Safe if encrypted. Theft can be stopped if owner updates RAIDA before thief.
LossLoss is permanent. See Guy Lost $67,000 in Bitcoin When he Upgraded His ComputerLoss can be recovered
CounterfeitsCan be minedNumber of CloudCoins does not increase or decrease (except when doubling)
Privacy?Pseudonymous / Pseudo-Anonymous100% Anonymous
Software Required?Requires "Wallet"No special software needed
Time to get startedTakes over 24 hours to download blockchain. See Why is downloading blocks taking longer and longer?No downloads required
Account Required?Account Required. see Bitcoins: How We Got BustedNo Account Required
Public Ledger of all transactionsUses Public Ledger that is available to the entire world including the KGB, CIA, China etc.There is no public ledger or centralized database. See: What is the RAIDA?
HackableHundreds of Million already lost. See Theft And Mayhem In The Bitcoin WorldHacked RAIDA servers can be fixed by CloudCoin owners
Quantum-Safe?Bitcoin is not Quantum-SafeYes! Quantum Safe
StorageSpecial software RequiredPrinted on paper, memorized as pass-phrases, in cell phones or computers as text files or jpeg images or offline on any storage device. Encryption is optional. See How will you store your CloudCoins?
Infrastructure FundingBitcoin is funded primarily by Bitcoin miners who allow their servers to be used publicly. Anyone can be Bitcoin Miner (Counterfeiter).CloudCoin authentication by RAIDA Administrators is funded with CloudCoins that have been completely lost or abandoned and recovered by the CloudCoin Consortium. RAIDA Administrators must be Certified by the CloudCoin Consortium
ImportableBitcoin cannot be imported into video games or other apps.CloudCoin is the only real currency that can be imported and exported from software including video games. Add a new dimension to your software!
TrademarkBitcoin is a registed trademark of Mt. GoxCloudCoin has been registered so that it can be used as a general term throughout the digital currency ecosystem.
FractionsBitcoin uses insane fractions like .000002CloudCoin uses only integer denominations (whole numbers like customary money) and doubles if too valuable to scale to user's needs. Comes in denominations of 1, 5, 25, 100 and 250 CloudCoin units.
ConclusionFirst decentralized eCurrencyNext generation decentralized eCurrency. See About CloudCoin